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ArukiBeer’s goal is to make it easy for English speaking craft beer enthusiasts to find and enjoy craft beer in Japan.  ArukiBeer does this through an extensive directory of Japanese Craft Breweries, taprooms, bottle shops, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy craft beer from Japan or from around the world.  ArukiBeer also provides information on craft beer related special events and festivals in Japan.



RocketFive sells a mix of hobby items, figures, arts and crafts and specialty home goods.  All of our featured items are either made in Japan, designed in Japan or are in some way related to Japanese culture or esthetic.  We want to make it easy for anybody to enjoy these unique and fun products.


abstract-grunge-style-coming-soon-with-black-splatter_1017-26690 (1).png

COMING SOON – We are currently in the process of developing a new print on demand store that specializes in clothing and  accessories with Japanese inspired designs.  Please check our site for details and updates on the launch date. 

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